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Fueling Your Body Right: A Guide to Eating Out Healthily


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Eating out can often lead us down an unhealthy path filled with temptation and guilt afterward when we indulge excessively in calorie-laden foods. Fortunately, there’s a way around this predicament: choosing healthier options when dining out. Researching possible menu choices online ahead of time is a great start -look for dishes that offer protein sources that are low-fat as well as complex carbohydrates and whole-food fats to make nourishing choices come naturally. Graduates, when ordering from a restaurant menu, prioritize dishes that are grilled, baked, broiled, or steamed.

Reject items that are fried, sautéed, or coated in creamy sauces. As for sides, choose steamed or roasted vegetables, a salad, or fruit instead of French fries or potato chips. Keep your portions under control by splitting an entrée with a pal or taking half of your meal home to enjoy later.

It’s essential to request alterations to your dish if there are components that don’t pique your appetite- restaurants are generally receptive to these requests. For example, requesting no cheese on the salad is as simple as asking! As dehydration robs the body of needed nutrients and can cause overeating or poor food choices, hydration should be top-of-mind during meals outside your home. Eating out should not be a time of fear and uncertainty regarding your health.

Instead, if you are prepared, order attentively, manage the portions, make requests for changes as necessary, and drink enough water, it can become an enjoyable and nutritious experience. Thus, every time you decide to dine out, do not forget these recommendations.

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